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Creative  Swiss Army Knife



Maximilian Kempe directing Audi Commercial

I'm a Film Director with 10 years of industry experience and directed commercials and music videos of any kind. My portfolio ranges from successful case films to major TV productions. 

Maximilian Kempe sitting in Film Studio in front of Monitor

I develop scripts ranging from Social Media funnels to diverse content assets for all media campaigns. Mainly focused on moving images but I don't fear any new challenges.

Japanese Woman running Midjourney

I am heavily involved in researching and putting Generative AI technology to the test. Both in terms of still and moving image generation. I also give workshops for agencies and universities.

Maximilian Kempe directing Dinosaurs in Smart
Maximilian Kempe directing Dinosaurs in Smart

I'm currently working as a Managing Director of a Hamburg and Berlin based production company where I'm in charge of all creative matters, client relations, acquisition and our internal creative services.


But what's in it for me?

My knowledge and experience in those different workfields enable me to craft ideas and concepts in a very time and cost efficient way. I make full use of emerging technologies to further speed up the process and enhance those ideas with early visualizations.

It's very important for me to work closely to my clients and built up trust through empathy and creative open mindness.

Everything is more fun if you work with nice people.

So let's talk!

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