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Creative  Swiss Army Knife

Maximilian Kempe in front of Lava Explosion


In case you don't want to call me right away - here's me.

Maximilian was born in Northern Germany 37 something years ago and loved strolling around his dad‘s goldsmith shop with his little brother. Building something with ones own hands made an early impression on him. This resulted in developing a passion for arts and crafts. Besides his interest in Japanese Car Culture, hiking, running, silly jokes and climbing trees.


After school he was able to start his studies at the University of Arts in Brunswick and got his Bachelor of Arts in Communications Design and Time based Media by 2012. Afterwards he tried out the sweet agency life with „Serviceplan“  in Hamburg but missed the hands-on approach of crafting more than ideas. Through these years he translated his eye for aesthtetics into the craft of moving images and began working as a freelance filmmaker, who shortly after got a job at the „Markenfilm“ Group in Hamburg. Europes largest Commercial Film Production. Starting as an Art Director in 2013 and becoming founder of Markenfilm‘s very own Creative Content unit „Virus“ in 2015, where he extended his work as a Cameraman and Script Writer. In the coming years he began working as a Director and the scope of productions grew more diverse.


By 2017 he got promoted to Head of Department at Virus and played a huge part in developing the unit into a successful business. Besides his administrative tasks, he worked as a director for several major brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Yamaha, Deutsche Bahn, L‘Óreal, Share Now, Aida, Eon or AEG and also on several music videos.


By early 2020 he decided to face new challenges and became „Head of Creation“ at Hamburg and Berlin based production company „Bubbles Film“, that has a strong focus on high quality commercial films ranging from major TVC/Online productions to Social Media centered campaigns. He‘s also working directly with interesting and trustful clients by offering his creative services both as a Director and Script Developer. 


In 2022 Maximilian became Managing Director at Bubbles Film and is responsible for all innovation, creation and client driven topics. He also leads the Bubbles Creative Department with a focus on Social Media concepts and inhouse filmmaking services.

Photo of Maximilian Kempe as a child hanging from a tree
Maximilian Kempe in Film Studio
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