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Bubbles Film

Bubbles Instagram


Managing Director


Hamburg and Berlin

I co-founded Markenfilm ( based creative unit "VIRUS" ( in 2015 and overtook the leadership in 2017, growing the unit to a profitable branch with 10 employees. With the team creating endless social media and online spots while becoming a respected player in the (back then) relatively new field of small unit productions. Growing the skills of handling small budgets and tough timings without sacrificing big amounts of quality.

In 2020 I started as Head of Creation with Hamburg and Berlin based production company Bubbles Film ( and became Managing Director in the beginning of 2023. Bubbles Film is listed in the top 10 production companies of Germany in terms of creativity and gross income as well. I built up the internal creative services and am responsible for a wide spectrum of tasks. Starting with acquisition and client relations and continuing with recent innovations, directors scouting, young talent development and the overall creative output and perception of the company.

If there's a specific wish for it, I also work as a director on some of the concepts we develop in our inhouse creative department.

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