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Adidas, AEG, Audi, BVG, C&A, E wie Einfach, HVV, Mercedes-Benz, Otto, Porsche, SumUp, Volkswagen, Yamaha


Directing, Directing DP, Editing, Concept Work

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I started of as a director when working with production company. Prior to that I worked as a DoP and started writing pitch decks and concepts on a regular basis. My graphic design skills came in pretty handy in this field of work as well. At some point I got asked if I wanted to direct the commercial I previously developed the script for. After some moments of inner terror I tried my best to respond with a calm and collected "of course..". This basically started my work as a director and I'm thankful for everything I learned on this journey ever since.

When founding as part of the Markenfilm Group in 2015, I directed most of the commercials produced there.

In 2020 I started working with and did a lot of creative work for Otto Group, C&A etc. and also directed some of those spots myself. My increasing administrative tasks and Managing Director result in less time for directing spots myself, but I take great joy out of supporting external directors or our inhouse creatives in pitching and winning jobs with Bubbles.

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